We’ve been married over a month, and I’m going to change my last name. I had always planned on it, though after 31 years of being Justina Miller, it’s not easy to just all of a sudden become Justina Murzyn. Also, sometimes people don’t pronounce it correctly (for the record it’s “mer-zin”). I’m already getting used to spelling it after I say it too:

“Justina Murzyn. M-U-R-Z-Y-N”

It’s easier to say it all in one breath than to take a break, wait for the person behind any given counter to ask, “how do you spell that?”

So, why, you may wonder, am I even changing my name, if all I’ve done thus far is complain? Well, here’s my “pro-list” (which outweighed the “con-list” – obvi):

1. It stressed me out to be Mrs. Stanley Murzyn and Mrs. Justina Miller. Or would it have been Ms. Justina Miller? See, I don’t know, and I’m also guessing that for the rest of my life, nobody else would have either.

2. Kids. We agreed that if we have kids, they would be Murzyn. I want to be in solidarity with those little things I’ll slave over. And then I can avoid people wondering if I’m their real mom or step mom. 

3. Him. Stan. I just really like him, and I kinda like all things that make us feel more like a unit. 

4. I GET A Z IN MY LAST NAME. That’s pretty cool. 

Now that I’ve made this decision, the process before me is so daunting. Adulting gets harder and harder. I have to change drivers license, social security card, passport, insurance card, debit card, credit cards… the list goes on. 

But in the end, I’m not becoming a new person. I am still the same, crazy Justina I have always been. Also, because I’m keeping my last name on there as a middle name, it’s actually like an addition. Justina Marie Miller Murzyn. The more letters, the merrier, is what I always say.