We took a colicky nine-week old on a road-trip from DC to Fort Lauderdale. Crazy? Probably. But we made it work. Basically we planned driving times around her naps, and when she wasn’t sleeping, we would pray she’d stay content looking around. 

We’d also entertain her with toys and funny voices, like in the pic above. Then. when she would start to scream like she is dying (the only way she knows how to scream – she’s a dramatic one), we’d pull over at some gas station to feed the sweet thing. Amazingly, we made it all the way to Savannah the first day. Ahhh, Savannah. The Spanish moss covered sidewalks, adorable restaurants, lush parks. It’s a charm you don’t get tired of. We only had a few hours there and breakfast was the first thing on our minds and bellies. Thanks to yelp, we found Goose Feather’s Cafe. They are famous for their homemade croissants. Need I say more? I was good and stayed gluten-free with polenta grits with a poached egg. I think those were the best grits I ever had. NBD. 

Florence slept through brunch which is sort of akin to winning the lottery. You’re like, “What did I do to deserve this, but I’ll gladly take my fortunate lot!” 

Then she woke-up, and needed some food, so we ducked into an coffeeshop slash store that stole our heart in 2.2 seconds. It’s called the Paris Market, and I think it’s where Anthropologie goes to get its inspiration.

 A jar of dried cicadas. No, thanks! 

A jar of dried cicadas. No, thanks! 

 Something about tiny-shelved cases... not really practical for my house, but doesn

Something about tiny-shelved cases… not really practical for my house, but doesn’t keep me from wanting to buy one. 

The trip was too short! We can’t wait to go back. We also are trying to win HGTV’s Smart Home, which is near Savannah, so maybe we’ll end-up being close (only one in a few million chance!). However, after visiting Charleston, I think I’d prefer to live there. That’s a whole nother blog… one I can’t wait to write, because we luh-luh-luh-loved that town.