We’re well into the second trimester. It’s a girl. I’m getting big.

These are things I do know. What I don’t know is what surprise pregnancy symptom to expect next. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Seemingly out of nowhere (but in actuality because of the sour expression on my face), my husband asks, “Are you ok?” And like an insecure teenager with pent up emotions, I let it all out: “I have a headache! And I feel nauseous. Do you have any Tums? I just need a nap.”

Yes, the symptoms are never-ending and always piling high. Dear seasoned moms out there, did you ever experience any of the following?

1. International Flight Feet

What the hay-ho? It’ll be one in the afternoon, and my feet already feel achey and swollen like I just got off a flight to Tokyo. When they told me I would need bigger shoes during pregnancy, I rolled my eyes. Now I roll through web pages of Zappos.com reluctantly looking for next-size-up-footwear.

2. Round Ligament Pain

You know that one time you worked out at the gym, and you were sore in muscles you didn’t even know you had (maybe it was only that one time for me)? Well, that’s what round ligament pain is like. All of a sudden you think, “Oh my! My lower stomach thing on the sides is achey.” I still don’t even know what round ligaments are, how big they are, if they go away… I just know that occasionally, they hurt.

3. Posture Problems

Basically, it’s hard to engage your abs, when you literally haven’t seen them in months. An aching back and front heavy weight is no help in making me want to sit or stand straight. Can’t I just lie down? Like all the time?

4. Fatigue Like You’ve Never Known

Speaking of lying down… now that I’m pregnant, I get so tired of out nowhere. It’s almost embarrassing, because you’re talking to someone or doing some activity, and then suddenly, you’re Dorothy walking through the sleepy poppies in the Wizard of Oz. So… sleepy. Can’t… go… on. But then…

5. RLS

Sadly, RLS does not stand for “relaxing, luxurious sleep, but for “restless leg syndrome.” Like. C’mon. SO inopportune. You’re tired, in bed, and your passport is stamped for dreamland, but your legs ready to run away. They say exercise helps this problem, but my gym and I are in a fight. We just weren’t working out. Kidding! I just really wanted to use that pun.

There you have it, ladies (and gents, if you’re brave enough to read this post). The wonderful thing about all of this is that with each pregnancy symptom, I just say to myself, “Hashtag worth it.” And it totally is.