Like any good parent who is also a photographer, Stan made a newborn shoot happen while Florence was still a newborn. I don’t have this skill of timeliness, which is why this post is a little late a’posting. But here they finally are — again thanks to Stan who is holding Florence on his chest right now while he works at his laptop (another skill I’ve yet to acquire). 

Stan’s boss from C&I Studios took photos for this shoot and mentioned that he had never seen a newborn so awake and alert. We just politely apologized, for our child, who in her short days of living ex utero, has proven to be ridiculously active, determined, full of life, and even more full of funny facial expressions (see below). 

Her sweet floral swaddle and headband is from Milkmaid Goods. With a name like “Florence Eden,” we thought it was perfect for her.  

Without further ado…

More pictures to come! Can you believe it?

Her dad’s a photographer and her mom’s a blogger. Of course you can. 

For now, I’m off to drink more coffee, cause, you know, though she be cute, I still have a newborn.