One of the perks of living as a photographer’s wife are the random gigs he gets… that I invite myself to. So, when Stan was asked to shoot for a gala to support equestrian therapy, I had to go. As you can see, this was a couple weeks ago, when I could still fit into non-preggers clothes.

It all went down in Aldie, VA, horse country. Stan brought his photographer friend (who brought his girlfriend), and we dressed-up and made a night of it! 

The event took place in a barn that was decked to the nines (and didn’t smell like a barn – how they did that, I don’t know). The sweetest horses greeted us as we walked through long rows of stalls and into the event space. A jazz band sang melancholy Frank Sinatra tunes as I longingly looked at the bar at all the drinks I couldn’t have. JK, I sipped some champagne. 

Here are my favorite snapshots from the night.. 

Horses, horses, horses! 

Friends! AKA beautiful people.

The valet boys. 

And a couple more.

Learn about the incredible art of equine therapy and how this organization changes lives at Ta-ta!