It’s officially summer, and my biggest struggle of the day is whether to dress Florence in warm clothes that protect her from the sun or sleeveless sun dresses and rompers. Naturally, I do the latter, and silently beg the sun to be sweet to her skin as we go from place to place (don’t worry, dear pediatrician, it’s not like she’s sunbathing). 

NYC was magical per usual. We had our friend’s Upper West Side apartment to ourselves, so we pretended like we were locals, ordering take-out, and popping down for an evening walk through Central Park. 

We had brunch on Saturday morning with Stan’s brother and his girlfriend in Brooklyn Heights. It was lovely to see them, but unfortunately now I want to move to Brooklyn Heights – what a cool spot, complete with moms and dads pushing strollers on wide sidewalks and a short subway ride into Manhattan. I don’t have lots of photos from the weekend, but Stan took some of our brunch. 


While in Brooklyn we also stopped at one of our favorites, Radegast Hall, where we watched the World Cup and Stan gave me a mini-photography lesson (I’ll get it, yet!).

We are not traveling until mid-august, and I have this urge to plan out a weekly schedule for my life. Schedules have become somewhat of a novelty for the Murzyns. The trouble is – as soon as I figure out what Florence is going to do with naps and cranky time and happy time, she changes her tune or we go on another trip.

However, I do have one plan I’m excited to share with you! I plan to write in this blog more often. Don’t ask me to define what “more often” means, because let’s not get carried away here. Just expect more posts, more pictures, and more updates from the random and magical life of the Murzyns.