I broke another rule my list of “things I would never do as a parent.” I took my baby to a concert. In my defense, she was really good at both shows, and ohmygosh she’s so cute, so she can get away with anything, right? But most importantly, the show was put on by her auntie, Marie Miller, who grew up in a family of 10, and doesn’t turn her head at baby coos in the middle of a ballad. 

The show was at Tin Pan in Richmond. It’s the kind of place you love as a musician, because its a real listening room, where people turn off their phones and use whisper voice when they order another beer (the perfect place to not bring an uncute baby). 

 Tin Pan created and named a drink after marie

Tin Pan created and named a drink after marie’s song, glitter gold. 

This was the first show of Marie’s tour called the Boardwalk Tour, and so I asked Stan to bring his camera so we could remember the evening. Marie has played hundreds of shows, and gone on tour with reputable bands like Five for Fighting and Carbon Leaf. She’s played for Pope Francis and opened for the Backstreet Boys, but she’s never headlined her own tour! So, her first show of her tour was worth snapshotting. 

In a stripped down set, Marie performed alongside her friend, Jesse Isley, an incredible guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter from Nashville. Jesse started the night off with a few honest and compelling originals and a beautiful rendition of Glen Campbell’s “Gentle on My Mind” (LOVE that song).

Marie came out, looking hot as ever (that’s my sisterly input for you), and the two of them serenaded us with songs from her latest album, Letterbox. I love this album, because I’m lyric obsessed, and the lyrics are raw, while still being conversational and colorful. She also plays lots of mandolin, which is clutch cause she’s really a good picker. 

Mid-set, our sister, Tess, came out and joined the band with her harp. I don’t really want to talk more about Tess and her harp, because I’ll get jealous over how magical and beautiful she looks when she plays. It’s like she’s providing the soundtrack to your personal transportation into a field of green surrounded by healing waterfalls.

I could say more about this show, but my child just awoke from her morning nap. Let me just finish with I’ve already seen this show again (at Jammin’ Java), and you should definitely see her at least once on this tour. Catch her in a city near you! Tickets at mariemillermusic.com/shows.