When I was pregnant, I was a naive believer that 6-weeks post birth, my life would be back to normal. I kept reading that number in my pregnancy apps. Six weeks was when I could start working out again, when all would be healed, and when I could go back to the OBGYN, to hear them say, “You’re doing great. Bye, now.” 

Contrary to pregnancy app opinion, it’s been four months, and I’m finding there really is no “back to normal” Rather, I’m constantly defining, re-defining, and/or laughing at the very concept of “normal.” Meanwhile I still have some post-birth vibes (soreness, back pain, sleep more than usual). My latest #momgoal is to feel like my pre-pregnancy self before I get pregnant again! (That was a joke! Kinda…) 

In truth, though, there isn’t a “going back” to pre-motherhood life, and I sort of love that. All of these post-birth pains and changes (both physical, emotional, and what have you) have made me simultaneously tougher and more full of love for life. Motherhood has forced me to live with a tenacity and strength of purpose that I wish my pre-mama self would have embraced. 

 I love those sweet little thunder thighs!

I love those sweet little thunder thighs!

I’m eternally grateful for my tiny 4-month old who, in addition to teaching me these things, treats me like I am the most important person in the world. Yes, every morning I feel like I’ve reached T. Swift celeb status when she wakes-up, beaming and giggling at me and Stan. 

Speaking of Stan, we loved celebrating him on his first Father’s Day (well, actually he was a father last Father’s Day, we just didn’t know we were preggers yet). He deserves a standing ovation for his dedication to us girls, his hard work and resourcefulness in everything he does, his amazing cooking skills, and for putting up with me in general. He never (ok, rarely) bats an eye at my quirks, whether it be my incessant punning or the fact that I have four different conditioners in the shower right now (I promise they all have a purpose). 

Cheers to four months of Florence. Though she be a horrible napper and a cranky carseat rider, she has given us more joy than we could have ever imagined.