I’ve had these pictures uploaded in a draft for weeks now. Whoops. 

But here I am – back and typing away from a bakery in Carmel, Indiana. And yes, I can’t eat wheat, so most bakeries are thoroughly offensive and like a hallucination of water in the desert. But coffee. So there. 

We went to Costa Rica, because Stan had a photo gig with Athletes Without Borders. Since these newlyweds still can’t spend more than a number of hours without the other, I trailed along.

We’re calling the trip our second honeymoon, because we had enough free time to take walks, explore, have long lunches, and just BE together. Sadly, the gig was in San Jose, which means we were far from the beach, and we were there in the middle of their rainy season, but we made lemonade out of those sour lemons. See? Here are some shots from an indoor market. 

As for work stuff, we had the pleasure of working with some amazingly talented and very cool audio/video friends (who are brothers!), pictured below. 

I mostly ate frozen yogurt and held camera equipment while they worked. 

We do lament that we never made it to the beach, since I hear it is ridiculously pretty. But a reason to go back, right? In the meantime, we are so happy to be home soon and stop the train of travel we’ve been on. I miss my fam. I miss my friends. And, let’s be real, I miss my bed.