It’s a surreal and special thing – buying your own Christmas tree for your own family home. How big should it be? Should we get a Charlie Brown version, just because it looks like the loneliest tree on the lot (I feel so bad for those poor little guys)? 

Truthfully, it wasn’t quite as romantic as I had envisioned it all. I had a headache while we picked-out a tree and another headache (or just the same one, maybe) while decorating. Thank you, pregnancy, headaches seem to be a constant companion. But we made the most of trimming and adorning our new fir friend. The first snow of the year, Christmas music, plus homemade chocolate chip banana bread and warm chocolate milk with melty marshmallows helped. 

Earlier this month, while I was watching Hallmark movies (basic, I know), I made my own ornaments. I’m a horrible crafty girl, but I knew I wanted a rustic tree for our farmhouse, and all the ornaments I liked we’re around $3 each (surely, surely, I’ll check-out all the after-holiday sales for next year’s tree). This year, I simply bought one of those cinnamon potpourri bags of pine cones and fruits from Hobby Lobby ($7) and some burlap string ($3), which I attached to the potpourri pieces with a glue gun.

And there it is – the Murzyn’s first Christmas tree. 

On another note, I keep seeing tons of “Baby’s First Christmas,” onesies and ornaments, and I wish our baby was here to see it all! I feel her constantly moving about and sending me hello’s through jabs and tumbles. I am already in awe of motherhood and how a woman can not only tolerate, but in a way, be happy to endure the sacrifices of headaches, back pain, and nausea (yes, I STILL have nausea at 30 weeks!).

When Christmas 2018 rolls around, I will dutifully fulfill my parental obligation to overdo the baby pictures and holiday-themed winter wear splattered with the words, “Baby’s First Christmas.” However, to me, this will always be her first holiday, and she is the greatest gift I could ask for. 

Oh, and so is he.