The weather this winter is not bad. The sun’s been strong and pushing to give us something in the 50’s nearly everyday. This makes me feel a little less guilty about sharing pictures from our Mexican honeymoon. And while I miss the hot sun, wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and the private beach, what I really miss is being present. 

I had one thing to do in Mexico. Be. Be with him. Whether we were talking, watching movies, or playing cards on the patio, I was there. 

So now, back in the crisp winter and the hum-drum-hum, I wonder how I can practice the presence I had in Mexico. Even among the stacks of mail, dirty dishes, to-do lists, and articles to write, I owe my husband my presence, and I owe it to myself to live life, to actually experience it rather than just get through it. So I know, I must:

1. Listen. We deprive ourselves and others when we do not give them our full attention. Sometimes, I’ll even tell Stan, “Wait, can you tell me in like 5 mins when I finish this article?” Perhaps that’s kind of ridic. But it helps me to stay focused, or else I try to multitask with my thoughts and eventually derail. 


2. Pencil it in. Not literally, but mentally. Stan is really good about saying, “I’m done with work. Can we just hang out now?” I love this, because it gives me freedom to finish whatever I’m doing, then devote time to him. Every time we do this,  it’s seriously like a mini-honeymoon-moment, where I have one job: to be with the person I love.