My last post was about Costa Rica, and I went on about how fun it was. But I didn’t tell you about the last leg – our flight home. Stan and I must be horrible people, because our return flight was with Spirit Air (I don’t believe in Karma, but I couldn’t help but ask, “why me? Why was I on the low-budget, charge you for a water airline that has a twitter account dedicated to how horrible it is.

To make matters worse, our flight left at 1am, and had a 30 minute layover in Fort Lauderdale. You can probably guess where this is going… we didn’t make our next flight. I was randomly selected for extra security in a short staffed airport. The whole process of them meticulously going through my bag and me getting the altogether uncomfortable pat-down took about an hour. Poor Stan just wanted to be home, and so did I, but in my stubborn, brattiness, I was like, “God, you’re going to make something good out of this situation.” I’m sure God LOVES when I tell him how it’s gonna be.

The sweet thing about him, is he listens, no matter how bratty I am.

Spirit Air had us wait for about an hour, and Stan was inconsolable and grumpy, so I called my mom, who suggested that we go to the beach and book a flight for the next day. It wasn’t hard to convince Stan of the plan, since all he wanted at this point was a place to lay his head. After an hour in line, we approached the the Sprit desk and the attendant’s face had “I literally can’t” all over it. We asked her if we could rebook for tomorrow, and she was like, “whatever,” and handed us two tickets for the next night at 8pm. 

We got a last minute, amazing deal on a room at the Marriott at Turnberry Isle, and it was every bit as fancypants as it sounds. We checked-in to find that it had a spa and a private beach, and “Because you’re so nice,” the lady at the front desk gave us the deluxe suite. 

This is what I mean about, sometimes God listens. The beach was perfect, and we did not even want to leave to go home. 

My lesson learned is that those overdone, “Keep calm, and don’t worry” signs are actually true. And while it is so hard to keep calm while you haven’t slept and Spirit Air is herding you around like cattle, you just have to. You have let God surprise you. I’m pretty sure he loves when we give him that opportunity.