HOW do mom bloggers do it? How do the find the time to be a mom and then write about it? Well, I’m learning, and I think it’s just taking any little moment to open the laptop and write when the baby is chill. Currently, my baby is sitting beside me on the floor, propped-up in her Boppy pillow and chewing on a baby rosary. Wow. 

So, here I am – and so excited to tell you about Charleston, because that means I get to relive it as I type. Hello, Dolly, we loved it. The funny thing is, we almost went to Charleston for our honeymoon, so we had this city built up in our heads. Not that I’m a pessimist, but usually when you build something up, it rarely is as cool as you thought it was (the latest Avengers movie, anyone?), but Charleston was everything we dreamed of and more. And yes, we loved the southern charm, the pastel-colored, the cobblestoned streets, but more than that, it was a vibe we loved. We came, we saw, we felt at home. Simple as that. 

We arrived on a Saturday, had oysters at the hip Amen Street Fish and Raw Bar where a table of ladies swooned over Florence and even offered to hold her while we eat. Stan let them hold her for a minute and I just Snapchatted the whole thing, because I didn’t know what else to do about such an odd situation. But the food was on point, and we’d definitely go back there. 

The next morning was Sunday so we found the adorable and historic St. Patrick’s, then made our way to Hominy Grill. Recommended by the locals, this place has Charleston charm written all over it. Even the 45 minute wait was enjoyable, because we sat in the garden shade and drank one of their craft morning cocktails. Then, once inside, we of course got chicken and waffles and biscuits, because #thesouth. No, friends, they weren’t g-free, but, you know, sometimes you’ve got to make sacrifices in life. 

After brunch, we strolled through downtown, ohhing and ahhing at the pretty architecture, and trying to keep Florence chill. She wasn’t in a great mood as you can see from some of the pictures. 

We ended our day at the park where we sat in our new big, floppy hats and planned/dreamt about the logistics of living in two places: Virginia and South Carolina. We also took a million pictures of Florence, hoping she’d smile in one, but as you can see below, no such thing happened. 

I know I say this about every city I write about, but this time I mean it with extra umph… we can’t wait to go back. In fact, we already have plans to be there in August. 😉