So, I’m pregnant. What the… yeah, still getting used to it.

Thus far, pregnancy is no picnic. Lots of changes, and most of them I could live without. Don’t get me wrong — I’m excited. Like super, super, duper excited. It’s frankly an HONOR to carry another life within yourself. Still, lots of changes. 

But you know what? Some things are like they’ve always been, except now, I have the pregnancy excuse. These days, nobody bats an eye at my excessive amounts of…

1. Sleep. I love sleep. Always have. Now I have this great reason to snooze away. When my 9-10 hour nights weird my husband out, I just tell him, “I’m growing a human. It’s tiring.” What’s he gonna do? Disagree? 

2. Food cravings. People act like craving pickles is distinctly #PregnancyProblems. Yeah, nope. I always have random cravings. Sometimes they last for weeks. Now that I’m pregnant, no one’s surprised when I obsess over a particular food (or ask my husband to run into town for Pad Thai). 

3. Elastic waistbands. Loved em’ before. Love em’ now. Like am I the only one who feels like that top button on their pants is rarely necessary? Yoga pants. Sweat pants. Leggings. You’re here to stay.

Another time, I’ll tell you what has changed/what I look forward to when the wee one arrives. For now, I’m off to eat, sleep, and be in love with stretchy pants. 

Photo Credit: Pat Dunford Photography