Sweet Stan has listened to me sing San Diego’s praises far too many times. Last month, we finally flew down to the very southwest tip of our country and explored the city – that I used to live in – like we were tourists. 

We went to the Zoo and watched polar bears swim. We went to Coronado Island and laid out on the bright, clean sand, sat on the deck at the Hotel Del Coronado, and drank local IPA’s. We found sand dollars along La Jolla shores and went to Escondido to visit friends. We tried new restaurants and drank Birdrock coffee. But one of our favorite touristing adventure was Cabrillo. 

Cabrillo is a state park that sits on Point Loma. Named after the first European to set foot on the West Coast of the United States, Cabrillo is right on the water and magical at low tide. You can actually walk around the tide pools and see what new shells and crabs the tide has brought in. 

Driving to the coast line, we drifted through a passageway from sunny, trendy San Diego to a quiet beach town that felt like another coast. That day the air was cool and the clouds were low and misty. Because there has been so much rain this year, the terrain was strikingly green for San Diego. Those colors: green and gray. Don’t they always just look stunning together? 

We walked a short hike to the see the tide pools and my friend, Johanna (below) , and I wrapped our beach blankets around us like old ladies. Johanna comes here as often as she can. Can you blame her?

See the love birds (pictured above and below)… sorry, couldn’t help it! 

And that tide…

And the pretty things it gives us.

Next time, I’m bringing a book, and brewed coffee in a canteen. Maybe the Headspace app. Oh, and more blankets. 

If you go to San Diego, make Cabrillo a stop. Learn more about this pretty place, including hours and cost, here