We did it. Florence Eden is here at last! Contractions started 3am on a Thursday and lasted until 12:14 Friday afternoon, when worn and exhausted, I heard someone say, “She’s out.” Before I could process what that meant, a warm, tiny human was in my arms. Cue the ugly cry (I mean me, not her). I think I just said, “Oh my gosh, my baby” over and over again between tears. 

We spent the rest of February 23rd visited by loved ones and cared for by helicopter nurses, lactation consultants, and admins.

My mom, whose excitement didn’t allow her to sleep a wink the night before, was one of the first to meet Florence. Even without sleep, Roxy still looked beautiful. See below. 

Then come the footprints! And yes, we brought our own blankets to the hospital. Keeping things hygge. 

Later that evening, Florence met just some of her people: my dad, Stan’s mom, my Opa and Oma, sister, Carol Lynn, and brother, Josh. 

For months we wondered at the concept of “mom” and “dad,”  then suddenly she’s here and we’re ushered into the reality. Stan and I are both in awe, overjoyed, ecstatic, scared, ready, underprepared, and all the adjectives mixed with all the feels. But mostly we are grateful. So, so grateful for our greatest adventure yet.